Secure Booking

Thank you very much for considering our condo for your vacation.  Our goal is to help you plan what we hope will be as near to a perfect vacation as possible, and provide you with an easy and secure booking experience.  We know vacations are a big deal, and we take this goal very seriously.

The first step to reserving our condo for your vacation is to contact us directly by phone or by email.  We encourage you to ask questions; it is every bit as important to us as it is to you that our condo meets the expectations you have for your vacation.  If you think it is a good match, we’ll also be glad to help you with your planning and during your stay.

If you decide you would like to make a reservation, we can accomplish that immediately during a short phone call to 816-536-9969.  Once you make your reservation with us, we will arrange for the office staff to contact you and finalize the process using the secure payment method of your choice. The office staff will also provide you with a rental agreement along with the associated terms and conditions.  Your rental contract will be between you and our Condo Owner’s Association, which has been managing rentals for the condo complex for over four decades. 

The office and onsite maintenance staff will be there to support you during your vacation, and if a need should arise when the staff is not onsite, you will have phone numbers you can call for 24/7 support.  One of those numbers will be ours – you will be welcome to call us any time during your stay for support or to simply ask questions.

Siesta LLC Florida State Tax ID number:  68-8016453605-8