A Perfect Day on Siesta Key

                   Good Morning

View from laying in Master Suite BedThis is the view that will greet you at the start of a perfect day.  This picture was taken from the bed in the Master Suite looking out the 4 x 6 foot sliding window that is only a few feet to the left.  When its going to be a cool night, we often turn off the air conditioner and open this window to enjoy the gentle Gulf breeze.  There are few things more therapeutic than sleeping with the persistent sound of the waves lapping at the shore.  After just one night of that, the stress of the “real world” is a distant memory.

Siesta Key beachfront Lanai

Coffee with the Dolphins

After brewing a fresh pot of coffee, we take our seats on the lanai for the morning show.  With the sliding floor to ceiling glass panels open wide, we enjoy the Gulf breeze as we watch Pelicans, Sea Gulls and Ospreys dive for their breakfast.  Manatees often cruise lazily by in the morning, and if we’re patient there is a good chance we’ll see some dolphins jumping just off shore.  I can’t think of a better way to bring in a new day.

Enjoying the quiet end of Siesta Key with the birds

The Morning Walk

With the bliss of a “Siesta Attitude” we make our way to the beach.  There’s no need to hurry, fresh shells wash up with every wave, and the only decision we’ll need to make when we reach the water’s edge is whether we’ll walk to the north or the south.

With frequent pauses to pick up seashells and enjoy the morning antics of the shorebirds, our pace is more akin to a leisurely stroll than a purposeful walk.  The Blue Herons often strike a pose to appear as though they are focusing on something that must be very important, but the White Ibis are far too busy sifting the waves for tiny treats to notice our passing.  The Sandpipers operate in groups that scurry back and forth as though they are afraid to get their feet wet.  Life is good…

The best shelling on Siesta Key

A Pirates Booty

The best shelling on Siesta Key starts directly behind our condo and extends for miles to the south.  We’ve yet to find any gold doubloons, but for us a booty of seashells, a few pieces of well-smoothed sea-glass, and maybe a fossilized shark tooth or two is treasure enough.   Be forewarned, if you have a seashell collector in your family, you might consider bringing an extra carry-on bag so you have a safe place to store your booty for the flight home.

Spectacular sunsets from your front row seat on our Siesta Key beachfront lanaiThe Curtain Falls on Another Perfect Day

It’s anyone’s guess what we might do between our morning walk and sunset.  Some days it will entail no more than reading a good book on the beach, or if the Snook are biting, casting a line into the waves.  Other days we might decide to take a scenic drive, or just aimlessly explore.  It doesn’t really matter because it will be fun, and we know there is a front row seat on our lanai waiting for us to toast yet another amazing sunset.

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